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Who Reports to NMVTIS?

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Several businesses and agencies are required to regularly report specific information to NMVTIS. These entities include:

  • State motor vehicle titling agencies.
  • Insurance carriers (including some self-insuring entities).
  • Auto recyclers and junk and salvage yards (including scrap vehicle shredders and scrap metal processors, as well as “pull- or pick-apart yards,” salvage pools, salvage auctions, and other types of auctions, businesses, and individuals that handle salvage vehicles (including vehicles declared a “total loss”)).

These entities are required to report various types of information on vehicles; however, there are some limited exceptions to these reporting requirements (e.g., certain types of recyclers may not be able to identify VINs for reporting, junk or salvage yards handling less than 5 salvage vehicles per year are exempt from reporting).

Check Reporting Status

A search can be conducted by clicking on this link: https://www.nmvtis-le.org/NMVTISReportingStatus

All insurance carriers are required to begin monthly reporting of salvage/total loss data to NMVTIS on March 31, 2009.

All auto recyclers, salvage yards, and junk yards are required to begin monthly reporting of salvage vehicle data to NMVTIS on March 31, 2009.

To review the specific reporting requirements by entity and/or learn how to report, go to: